Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Roadside Flower Stand at Victorhill Farm

Every summer from mid June through October we grow a sustainable cut flower garden. The flowers are sold in the little roadside stand at the end of our drive.
 Early morning light. Reyo's eye is on that sunflower one of his favorite treats.

In the garden picking flowers

Arranging beautiful dalihas, zinnias, cosmos, and yarrow flowers for the stand.

Last year's photo of the flowerstand.

Opening soon when the annuals really start to bloom. For sure in time for the Open Studios of Beavercreek tour June 21-22-23, 2013. We do hope you stop by! My studio will be open for the Beavercreedk tour. You can read the blog and see my artwork right here....Blenda Studio website.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.....xo